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Organizing "Call-ins" to Elected Officials
1.    Designate a phone (or a few phones) in your Program to be used for the "Call-In".

2. Next to each phone place a clearly-typed sheet of paper with the following information:
  • The name of each Elected Official to be called
  • The telephone number of each Elected Official to be called
  • A short, clear message to be spoken by the caller (see sample messages below)
3. Ask people who come to your program to make a phone call (or phone calls). Parents can call when they pick up children from an afterschool program or any other time that they are at your agency.

4. If possible, coordinate program sites to organize "Call-Ins" on the same day. Or, plan a "Call-In" day with another agency in your district. A lot of calls to a representative's office during the same period of time help to bring a particular issue to the attention of the Elected Official.

5. Encourage staff members to call as well. If an employee lives in another district, have them call their own Elected Official. Every call is important.

6. While "Call-In" days help to focus attention on a specific issue at a particular time, encouraging parents to call (and visit) their Elected Officials should be an on-going activity at your Center. Elected Officials need to hear from their constituents that these services are important to the families and children in their district.

"Hello, I am (say your name), I live in your district and I vote. (Name of your issue; ie-youth services) is important to the people in your district - but the (Name of legislation, policy, or budget; ie. Mayor's budget) is going to hurt these programs this year. We ask you to (say what it is you're requesting, ie. $25 million increased investment in youth programs this year)."

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