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Criteria for Membership
To request an application, please send us a letter on your organization's letterhead. All requests for membership must be made by the organization's Executive Director and will only be considered for membership at the NFSC annual retreat in July.

In order to be eligible for membership, organizations must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a New York City organization that delivers services to and/or advocates on behalf of children, youth, and families in their communities.

2. Be an organization that agrees with the Coalition’s positions on the delivery of children, youth and family services. (Refer to NFSC's Mission and Our Work.)

3. Be an organization that can involve themselves in the work of the Coalition, which includes: a) regular participation at designated meetings; b) participation in meetings by a representative with decision-making authority; c) supporting positions that may find the Coalition publicly disagreeing with a funding source of member agencies.

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