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The Advocate's Dictionary
It's easy to get lost in the lingo that accompanies any field. This section will help you to decipher the numerous acronyms and terms that are used by advocates and providers whose work focuses on our issue areas.

(C) = City   (S) = State    (F) = Federal

ACS= Administration for Children's Services (C)

City Council= Legislative branch of city government

DOB= Division of the Budget (Governor's Budget Office) (S)

DOL= Department of Labor (S)

USDOL= US Dept. of Labor (F)

DYCD= Department of Youth and Community Development (C)

OMB= Office of Management and Budget (Mayor's Budget Office) (C)

OCFS= Office of Children and Family Services (S)

Preventive Services= comprehensive services available to children and their families when a family is having problems to prevent possible child abuse or neglect.

State Assembly= Lower house of the State legislature, with 150 total members

State Senate= Upper house of the State legislature, with 61 total members

Stated Council Meeting= Bi-monthly meetings mandated by the City Charter that are usually attended by all Council members

Youth Development= the process by which all young people seek ways to meet their basic physical and social needs to gain the competencies and skills necessary to move from adolescence to adulthood

Youth Employment= Area of youth services that focuses on job training and employment for teens and young adults

YEP= Youth Employment Program

WIA= Workforce Investment Act