The Advocate's Dictionary
It's easy to get lost in the lingo that accompanies any field. This section will help you to decipher the numerous acronyms and terms that are used by advocates and providers whose work focuses on our issue areas. ‹click for more›

Advocate's Toolkit
This is a self-help guide that you can use to organize around any issue. ‹click for more›

It includes information on:
Identifying Steps for Effective Advocacy
Mobilizing Your Organization
Organizing A Call-In
Expressing Your Opinion Through Letter
Sample Letter on How to Express Your Opinion
Tips for Meeting with a Legislator
Sample Follow-Up Letter to your Legislator
Testifying at Public Hearings


Budget Timelines
Check here for calendars detailing the budget timelines for New York City and New York State.

New York State Budget Timeline
New York City Budget Timeline

Useful Resources
The following links will help you find more information on everything from the issues we work on to policy and government websites to media. ‹click for more›

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