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Sample Follow-Up Letter To A Legislator


Honorable [name of elected official]

Dear Senator/Assemblymember/Councilmember:

On behalf of myself and the other (staff, participants, board members) who met with you yesterday, I want to thank you for the time you spent with us. We were encouraged by your news that you have introduced a proposal to [insert information about your issue here] increase funding for after-school, youth development, and youth employment programs in this year's budget. These programs and activities play an important role in the social and educational advancement of youth as well as prepare them for college and the work world.

Thank you for your support and for putting New York's children and youth first.


[Your Name/Title]

Be sure to:
•    Include any materials that you agreed to send
Provide further arguments to support your viewpoint if the legislator disagreed with your position
Insert personal examples of how the issue would affect you, your community, your program, or your participants
Repeat what action you would like the legislator to take

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