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Meeting with a Legislator
Once you have learned who your representatives are, the most effective way to influence them is to get to know them and their staff members personally. Anyone can make an appointment to see his or her legislator. You can schedule a meeting to discuss a particular piece of legislation or educate him/her about certain issues that are important to you.

•    Make an appointment in advance
Write or call the legislator's office to request a meeting. If the legislator is not available, arrange a meeting with a staff member who is knowledgeable about the issue you would like to discuss.

Prepare an agenda for the meeting
Limit your agenda to two or three items. The most important thing you can do is share your own experience with the legislator or staff person.

Bring information that may be useful for the legislator or staff person
(i.e., relevant articles from the local newspaper, statistics about your community and its families and fact sheets about legislation you are asking the legislator to support or oppose)

Follow Up
Write a thank you letter when you get home. Enclose any information you promised to send or provide additional arguments to support your position.

During the meeting:
•    Identify yourself and introduce anyone else who is with you.
Inform the legislator that you are a registered voter in his/her district.
Be prepared to discuss the issue(s) on your agenda. Explain why you requested the meeting.
Allow the legislator to express his/her point of view.
Be prepared to answer questions factually. If you do not know the answer, say you will find it and report back to him or her.
Thank legislators who you know to be on your side. Ask for tips on how to reach other legislators.
Don't argue or name call.

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