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New York City Budget Timeline

BB = Borough Board
BP = Borough President
C = Comptroller
CB = Community Board
CC = City Council
OMB = Office of Management and Budget
M = Mayor

July New fiscal year begins.

Late July-August City agencies and CBs develop requests for coming year (11 months in advance)
(Public Action: Assess impact of current budget and document service/funding


City agencies and CBs further develop budget priorities and discuss with M's office; CBs hold public hearings
(Public Action: Present needs to City agencies and CBs. Testify at CB hearings)

Mayor releases Management Report (MMR) on performance of City agencies for last fiscal year. City Council holds committee hearings.


City agencies submit requests for operating and capital expenses to M.
(Public Action: Continue to advocate for needs to City Agencies)

M presents first-quarter budget modification to CC.


M submits Preliminary Budget/Four Year Financial Plan to CC, BPs and CBs. Plan Includes modifications of current year and projection of next four years. M gives initial notification to BPs of preliminary borough allocation
(Public Action: Obtain copies from OMB, 75 Park Place, 788-5807.)

M's Preliminary Management Report for current fiscal year. CC holds hearings
(Public Action: Request copy from Mayor's Office of Operations.)


Each CB submits assessment of responsiveness of preliminary Budget to its statement of budget priorities.

Each BB holds public hearings on the Preliminary Budget and submits budget priorities to M and CC.
(Public Action: Testify at BB hearings. Request copy of BB priorities from BPs. Submit needs, requests and recommendations to BPs.)


Each BP submits proposed modifications of the Preliminary Budget to M and CC; any increase in spending must be offset by cuts from other parts of the borough's budget to M to be included in the Executive budget.

CC holds committees hearings on the Preliminary Budget, recommendations from BBs, CBs; Submits comments to M
(Public Action: Go to the City Council's website at for schedule of hearings. Give information and questions to CC for agency hearings and testify at public hearings.)

M submits Executive Budget/Budget Message to CC
(Public Action: Obtain a copy from OMB. Advocate with CC members until adoption)


BPs submit responses to Executive Budget to M and CC

CC holds public hearings on Executive Budget, including BP proposals, and submits recommendations to M.
(Public Action: Go to CCs website at or call them to find out the schedule of budget hearings and register to give testimony at agency hearings.)

June  CC amends Executive budget and adopts final budget by the 5th

New City fiscal year begins.

Adopted from the City Project Calendar For the New York City Budget.