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New York State Budget Timeline

July Division of the Budget (DOB) develops the Budget Request Manual

August DOB issues call letter to agencies including guidelines for budget request-based financial plan and submission due date

September Agencies submit their budget requests to DOB


DOB Fiscal Planning Unit prepares base budget reflecting cost of projecting current year programs into next year, including inflation, salary adjustments & eliminating one-time costs

Revenue projections developed and agency budget requests analyzed

November DOB holds hearings on agency budget requests

December DOB holds hearings on agency budget requests


Governor conducts State of the State address

Governor releases his Executive Budget Briefing ("Budget School") help for Legislative leaders and membership


Governor submits 30-Day amendments (technical corrections)

Legislature holds public hearings on proposed budget

Legislators participate in budget forums in home districts

Legislative leaders and Governor begin budget negotiations

Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees issue Yellow Book

State comptroller releases analysis of Governor's Budget

DOB, Ways & Means and Senate Finance staff meet to develop
negotiated budget bills

April New York State's fiscal year begins
Budget passage deadline on 1st of the month

May, June or July

State Budget is adopted
or July

Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees issues Green Book

State Comptroller issues analysis of adopted budget