Youth Development
Youth development refers to the process by which all young people seek ways to meet their basic physical and social needs to gain the competencies and skills necessary to move from adolescence to adulthood. ‹click for more›

Preventive Services
Preventive services protect at-risk children and stabilize families in crisis. When a family is having problems, relationships among family members often become tense and uncomfortable, home-life crumbles, schoolwork suffers, financial stability is threatened and family health deteriorates. ‹click for more›

School-Community Collaborations
New York City is recognized nationally as having a strong and diverse network of community based organizations (CBOs). Here, CBOs and schools have worked together for more than twenty-five years to develop a variety of community-school partnerships that have become national models of collaboration and innovation and have resulted in improved outcomes for children and youth. ‹click for more›


Youth Employment
Youth employment programs include the training and job placement services that are designed to serve youth between the ages of 14-21. The Coalition has focused its advocacy efforts on three different issues in this area:

  1. Ensuring the future of the summer Youth Employment Program (YEP), through its coordination of the Campaign for Summer Jobs with United Neighborhood Houses; and
  2. New York City's development and proper implementation of the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs.
  3. The successful implementation of the NYCWorks workforce development initiative, a joint project of the City Council and the United Way of New York City
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