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Sample Letter Expressing Your Opinion

[on your letterhead]


Senator Hilary Clinton
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-3202

Dear Senator Doe:

As a concerned [voter/boardmember/volunteer] at [name of your organization], I write to urge you to support [insert your issue here] preserving the Brooke Amendment, which caps public housing rents at 30% of tenant income, by voting against S. 1260, the Senate authorization bill that proposes to repeal it. [Insert information on what would happen if the proposed action passed.] If housing rents were allowed to increase above this amount, many of the residents in New York City public housing would be unable to afford shelter.

[Insert specific, personal examples of how the issue would affect you, your community, your program, or your participants.]


[Your name/Title]

cc: New York City Congressional Delegation

Send a copy of your letter (cc:) to other elected officials who might have an impact on the issue: for example, the President, NYC Congressional Delegation, Governor, NYS Assembly Speaker, NYS Senate Majority Leader, and the heads of relevant committees or agencies.

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